Kick & Roll Classic ‘Black Friday’ Long Sleeve Tees

Kick & Roll Classic Black Friday Long Sleeve Tee

Black shirts on Black Friday. It’s that simple.

To close out 2014 – the establishment year of the Kick & Roll Classic 3-on-3 Basketball Event – we’re making just one more apparel piece of our great occasion available for purchase. Our black long sleeve Kick & Roll tee marks the end of a great year for the Kick & Roll Classic, and if you didn’t get the chance to be a part of our first event, this is your chance to bring a piece of the sneaker-themed summer tournament into the new year with you. Or, it can serve as a great gift for a family member, friend and/or loved one that might be battling cancer at this very moment.

Our brand new all-black, long sleeve tee features our official logo in its original colorway on the front, white “Kick & Roll” text on the back, along with the number 14 in representation of our establishment year.

Only 50 shirts were created, and 100% of the proceeds will benefit upcoming colon cancer awareness initiatives.

Pre-order for our new shirts will take place on Black Friday, November 28th, between 9 AM CDT and 11 PM CDT here at for $30 (no tax, shipping included)! The official sale will kick off on Cyber Monday, December 1st, at 9 AM CDT and end at midnight CDT.


**Note** Our Kick & Roll Classic ‘Black Friday’ tees will ship out during the second week of December.

Kick & Roll Classic “Colon Cancer Trivia” Uniform Giveaway


An important apparel piece from the first Kick & Roll Classic 3-on-3 Basketball Event can be yours even though you may have not been able to attend the fun-filled affair.

From Tuesday to Friday each week this month, we will pose a trivia question every day on our Instagram account between the hours of 5 PM and 7 PM CDT that will test your knowledge of notable colon cancer facts. The first person to write the correct answer in the comment section of the Instagram post each day will be shipped an official Under Armour “HeatGear” uniform – jersey and shorts – from our first Kick & Roll Classic 3-on-3 Basketball Event. For example, if the trivia question is, “Where does colorectal cancer develop?” then the first person who provides the correct answer (colon or rectum) will win one of our authentic Under Armour-designed Kick & Roll Classic uniforms.

We suggest using this summary of colon cancer facts as a study sheet. The giveaway begins tomorrow, November 4th, so study up and follow us on Instagram at @KickRollClassic!

Sizes Available for the giveaway: 1 Large, 7 Mediums, 8 Smalls

Check out detailed photos of our Under Armour-designed Kick & Roll Classic “HeatGear” uniforms by clicking ‘Continue Reading’ below.




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